California Chemical Engineering

If you’re an aspiring chemical engineering student, California may be the perfect state for you! There are 13 schools with this educational program, and all 13 schools have Bachelor’s-level and Master’s-level programs. In addition, 11 of these schools have PhD programs. The average cost of tuition in California is $15,600 per year.

A lucrative and rewarding career in chemical engineering begins with a comprehensive education in the theory and practical skills of the industry. You can get the education you need with a Bachelor’s degree, which takes most students four to five years. Chemical engineering courses required at this level include Chemical Process Control, Cell & Tissue Engineering, and Process Simulation & Design. In each class, prepare for a lab component that tests your ability to work with engineering materials and apply the theories you’ve learned in class.

To qualify for jobs in the research sector of this field, you may need to earn a Master’s degree or PhD. Commonly required courses at the post-graduate level include Biointerfacial Engineering, Chemical Engineering Transport Processes, and Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers. You may spend two to seven additional years in school to earn one of these degrees.

One of the benefits of attending school in California is the fact that there are so many schools to choose from! This also gives you the opportunity to choose schools based on tuition and financial aid. One of the most inexpensive schools in this state is California State University, where tuition is $6,420 per year for residents and $9,672 per year for non-residents. The University of Southern California is one of the most expensive schools in the state; residents and non-residents pay $45,602 per year in tuition.

California companies and organizations award a variety of engineering scholarships. For example, the American Council of Engineering Companies—California awards scholarships of $1,000 to $7,500 each year.

Before you can take advantage of great chemical engineering job opportunities in California, you may need to apply for licensure as a Professional Engineer through the California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. This allows you to apply for most chemical engineering jobs; O*Net reports that the average salary for a chemical engineer in California is $95,000.

You may be able to boost your earning potential by joining a professional organization. In California, one of the largest groups is the Northern California Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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