Mississippi Aerospace Engineering Schools

If you’ve ever wanted to work on the newest and most cutting-edge aircraft and spacecraft vehicles, a career in aerospace engineering could be just right for you. If you live in Mississippi, there is one school that offers this degree: Mississippi State University. It offers a Bachelor’s degree program and a Master’s degree program in aerospace engineering. The average cost of tuition here is approximately $5,100 per semester. Mississippi State University has almost 23,000 students, offering you plenty of socializing opportunities on top of your educational opportunities. The average class size in Mississippi is 20 students.

Ready to start earning your degree in this field? You can start with a Bachelor’s degree, which qualifies you for licensure as an aerospace engineer. You’ll likely be in school for at least four years, possibly more depending on how many credits you take every semester. You need to earn at least 120 credits to graduate with this degree.

The curriculum of an aerospace engineering degree is multifaceted and diverse, since it has to prepare you for a number of job duties that you may take on after graduation. You may take general engineering courses in addition to more specific aerospace courses. Required courses include Thermodynamics, Aerospace Structures, Aerospace Flight Mechanics, and Aerospace Control Systems.

Hands-on learning is going to be an important part of your education, so get ready to spend some time in your school’s engineering lab. Requirements vary from semester to semester, but you typically have to spend at least 10 hours a week in the lab.

You may also have the chance to participate in aerospace research. This is very exciting, since new research is what determines the direction of the field. At Mississippi State University, you can study in the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory.

It’s clear that tuition and financial aid are both very important parts of your education. Tuition rates at Mississippi State University vary based on how many credits you take and your residency status. If you attend school part-time, tuition is $278 per credit for residents and $424.50 per credit for non-residents. Once you hit 12 or more credits per semester, tuition locks in at $3,386 per semester for residents and $5,094 per semester for non-residents.

You can look for many types of financial aid as an engineering student. The Mississippi Engineering Society offers scholarships to high school seniors and current undergraduate students. They also offer information on nationally-awarded scholarships from the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Once you have earned your engineering degree from an accredited Mississippi school, you can proceed to the next step of your career. You must get your license from the Mississippi Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. You have to pay a $25 application fee and a $45 examination fee prior to sitting for your Professional Engineer exam. Once you pass this exam, you can work as a Professional Engineer.

It’s important to keep up on your education even after you have graduated with your degree. You can be the first to know about ongoing education opportunities by joining the Mississippi Engineering Society. In addition to educational seminars and events, you can get exclusive discounts and stay up-to-date on legislative changes.

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