Mississippi Biomedical Engineering Schools

You can use your math, science, and mechanical skills to forge a new career for yourself in the healthcare field. Earning a biomedical engineering degree is a great way to start a lucrative and rewarding career. Mississippi has one school, Mississippi State University, that has this program. You can earn either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering. The average cost of tuition here is $4,200 per semester, which is very affordable. Mississippi State students can look forward to an average class of 21 students.

When you become a biomedical engineer, you’ll be responsible for technologies that affect how people treat, monitor, and diagnose illness. It’s clear that you need a great education to take on that much responsibility, so plan on graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. This degree is made up of 120 credits, which are completed over the course of four years.

Your education will likely start with lower-level biology and engineering courses and build up to higher-level biomedical courses. Classes you may be required to take include Medical Imaging, Biomedical Image Processing, Quantitative Physiology, and Thermodynamics.

While you are a student, your school’s engineering lab may become your second home. It is in the lab where you will learn the properties and uses of many different engineering materials. At Mississippi State University, you can work in the new Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory to learn about bio instrumentation, mechanical straining, and more.

You may also be expected to conduct research in biomedical engineering, depending on what your post-college career plans are. In general, you conduct research with a team of undergraduate or graduate students while being overseen by a professor.

Tuition at Mississippi State University is very affordable; this university has rates that are among the lowest in the country. Residents can plan on paying $3,386 per semester. The tuition rate for non-residents is $5,094 per semester.

There are a variety of engineering scholarships you can apply for. To make sure you cover all your bases, look for scholarships offered by your school, funded by local organizations, and awarded on a nationwide basis. Mississippi State University awards the Engineering Excellence Scholarship, which is worth up to $3,000 per year for four years. The Mississippi Engineering Society also awards scholarships to engineering students with high GPAs.

Once you have your diploma in your hand, you are almost ready to begin your career as a biomedical engineer! The final step is getting your license from the Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. You can send in your completed application with a $25 application fee and then wait for your test date. After passing the Professional Engineer exam, you can begin working as an engineer.

It’s important to always keep working on your professional development and continuing education. Consider joining the Mississippi Engineering Society. When you join this group, you can attend continuing education courses and seminars that are designed to keep you up-to-date on changes in the field. You may also be the first to learn about legislative changes in the field.

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