Mississippi Chemical Engineering

How would you like to start a career in the rigorous field of chemical engineering? Mississippi has two schools that can help you get there. Both schools have three-degree programs: Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, and Ph.D. The average cost of tuition is $5,600 per semester.

Since chemical engineering requires you to handle chemicals and other dangerous materials, it is essential to get chemical handling experience early on. This is why most chemical engineering programs require a lot of lab hours. Throughout the duration of your chemical engineering education, you can plan on spending 10 hours per week in the lab.

Most chemical engineering courses blend hands-on experience with theory. At the Bachelor’s degree level, some of the courses you may have to take include Introduction to Polymers, Circuit Theory, and Chemical Reaction Engineering. Once you reach the Master’s degree level, you may take courses like Transport Phenomena, Chemical Reactor Analysis & Design, and Mass Transfer.

You should plan on spending about four years in school to earn a 120-credit Bachelor’s degree, which is required for most entry-level jobs in the field. If you want to take your education further, you can get a Master’s degree in two years or a Ph.D. in seven years.

Financial aid and tuition rates are both important factors in school selection since these factors can determine how much student debt you can take on. One of the lowest-priced schools in Mississippi is Mississippi State University, where tuition is $3,520 per semester for residents and $5,669 per semester for non-residents. The University of Mississippi is slightly more expensive for non-residents. Residents pay $3,330 per semester and non-residents pay $8,800 per semester.

Scholarships and grants play an important role in your school funding. At Mississippi State University, you can apply for the Engineering Excellence Scholarship, which is worth $12,000.

If you want to take advantage of all the career opportunities in Mississippi, you may want to get your Professional Engineer license from the Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. This can help boost your earning potential; O*Net reports that the average salary for a chemical engineer in Mississippi is $76,000.

Consider joining local professional organizations to learn about continuing education opportunities. In Mississippi, you can join the Mississippi Engineering Society.

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