Montana Automotive Engineering

Montana has one school that allows you to get a thorough education in the field of automotive engineering: Montana State University. This university awards Associate’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and PhDs in automotive engineering. The overall average cost of tuition is $6,700 per semester.

If you plan on becoming licensed as a Professional Engineer in Montana, you must earn at least a Bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering. Most students can complete this degree with four or five years of full-time study. You earn 120 credits by taking general education courses and engineering courses like Methods for Vehicle Testing, Automotive Electronics, and Automotive Design.

Earning a Master’s degree or Ph.D. can build on your undergraduate knowledge and prepare you for more demanding jobs in the field. You can plan on spending two additional years in school for a Master’s degree and five to seven years for a Ph.D. Some of the higher-level courses required for these degrees include Battery Systems & Control, Mechanical Vibrations, and Vehicle Dynamics.

At every step of your educational journey, you’ll likely be required to complete the required lab hours. In the lab, you work with vehicles and vehicle parts to master different engineering concepts.

Although there is only one automotive engineering school in Montana, tuition rates still vary depending on your residency status. Tuition at Montana State University is $3,375 per semester for residents and $10,357 per semester for non-residents.

Montana State University offers many different engineering scholarships. In total, the financial aid department awards over $300,000 in engineering scholarships every year. The school also awards almost $500,000 in scholarships to the general student populace.

To become a Professional Engineer in Montana, you must first get your license from the Montana Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors. This process involves passing the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam and paying the Board’s licensing fee.

If you want to get your career off to a good start, consider joining the Montana Society of Engineers. You may be able to go to continuing education seminars, network with people in your field, and look through job listings.

O*Net reports that most automotive engineers earn between $43,600 and $108,100 per year, with an average salary of $67,600.

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