Nebraska Civil Engineering Schools

Civil engineering is one of the oldest careers in history. It deals with many components including design, maintenance, building, and other construction of important things in the community such as roads and bridges. It is a professional discipline that is a stable choice in the career field. Civil engineering will provide an interesting curriculum, and the ability to obtain professional licensing in Nebraska as well as open the door for many job opportunities.

Those seeking a career in this field generally study with a major in civil engineering and acquire either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Engineering. The type of degree obtained, as well as the length of study required for this degree, which usually is between three to five years, varies among academic institutions. Students can enjoy classes that will give them a strong academic foundation while also providing training in technology and engineering fundamentals. A candidate with a strong drive would be happy in an environment such as this because it is challenging, diverse, and innovative.

Nebraska residents who want to obtain a license in civil engineering from their state must pass an exam called the FE or Fundamental Engineering exam after getting senior status (or after graduation) at a university or other institution, which has been licensed and accredited by the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology/Engineering Accreditation Commission. This exam will be given in each candidate’s specific specialization such as electrical, chemical, civil or other discipline. After completion of this requirement, they may become Civil Engineer Interns where they may gain experience and gain higher licenses. Continuing education requirements also exist in Nebraska.

When a civil engineer wants to apply for his or her Practice of Engineering exam, one must:

  • have graduated from an ABET accredited program
  • have four years of experience in the field
  • be enrolled as an Engineer Intern in Nebraska

The sky is the limit in job possibilities in this field. Construction or architecture, electrical fundamentals and chemical components of this degree allow for great choices. The need for strong minded individuals who can be responsible always exists and no community in Nebraska could function without them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nebraska civil engineers made a mean salary of $74,910 in 2012. Those with more experience and a higher degree could earn as much as $106,360.

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