North Carolina Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Schools in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to three educational institutions that have chemical engineering programs. Two schools have Associate’s degree programs. Two schools award Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees. The average cost of tuition in North Carolina is $7,250 per semester.

A career in chemical engineering can test your skills in many areas, so it’s important to get a thorough education first. You’ll likely want to begin with a Bachelor’s degree. An undergraduate degree made up of 120 credits can typically be completed in four years or eight semesters. You may have to take courses like Material & Energy Balance, Chemical Engineering Principles, and Chemical Reaction Engineering.

While a Bachelor’s degree is enough to give you a solid background in chemical engineering, a Master’s degree or PhD can give you a deeper theoretical understanding of the field. Plan on spending two to seven additional years in school for a post-graduate degree. Courses you may take at this level include Chemical Reactor Analysis & Design, Chemical Engineering Kinetics, and Mass Transfer.

Although there are several different schools in North Carolina, tuition rates are very similar across the state. Cape Fear Community College is slightly less expensive than other schools, with in-state tuition costing $1,140 per semester and out-of-state tuition costing $4,020 per semester. North Carolina State University is slightly more expensive than other state schools. Tuition is $4,103 per year for residents and $10,830 per year for non-residents.

Scholarships are prevalent at all of North Carolina’s schools. At North Carolina State University, you can apply for the Park Scholarship or the Chancellor’s Leadership Award.

You can take the final step towards starting your career by earning your Professional Engineer license. You must take the NCEES exam and then apply for your license, which is administered by the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors. As a new PE, consider joining the North Carolina Society of Engineers. You can enjoy a bevy of professional benefits, including job listings, networking events, and continuing education seminars.

Salaries in North Carolina vary between employers. However, O*Net reports that the average salary for a chemical engineer in North Carolina is $89,400 per year.

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