Alabama Civil Engineering Degrees

Have you ever wondered about the effort and genius that goes into skyscrapers, tunnels or bridges? Civil engineers are always planning and designing new ways to make infrastructures more reliable and safe. You might consider a career in civil engineering if you enjoy math, problem solving and leadership skills. Also, there are more specific types of engineers, like geotechnical engineering, structural engineering and transportation engineering. In order to qualify for a Professional Engineering License you must meet all requirements of education, pass exams and acquire the necessary experience along the way.

The Alabama engineering licensing board requires professional engineers to have a bachelor’s degree approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. In addition to completing course material, an internship is required to finish training. In the senior year of any degree program, the student must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. If you pass this FE exam, you will be approved by your board to intern with a professional engineering company. The hands on learning prepares you for the everyday tasks and responsibilities of civil engineers.

In Alabama you can become a licensed engineer by passing the Professional Engineering exam or by comity. Before signing up for any exams you have to be pre-qualified, this is a simple application and acceptance process for everyone. Furthermore, The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying will evaluate your credentials and transcripts if you are not sure if your degree qualifies you for the PE exam. However, if you are already licensed in Alabama and get a job out of the state you must get a license through the comity process. All licenses must be renewed each year to keep from expiring and hindering new business.

The typical work environment for an employee in this field is usually in an office setting, only going out on job sites to manage the construction. Some typical tasks and responsibilities include:

  • planning projects
  • figuring cost estimates
  • designing and blueprinting infrastructures
  • guiding construction
  • presenting projects to investors and the public

The average salary of a civil engineer in Alabama is approximately $71,900 a year. Other careers in this field are architects, surveyors and construction managers.

Ultimately, society can not advance without the expertise of engineering around the world. Civil Engineers set the foundation for all infrastructures and for improvements. Consider becoming a Civil Engineer in Alabama today!

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