Colorado Civil Engineering Schools

Civil Engineering makes use of knowledge in mathematical and physical sciences to create spaces that improves and protects the environment, community, and transportation. They provide a solution for sustainability in our communities as more and more of the world becomes urbanized.

To achieve this, civil engineering programs in Colorado provide classes in the following:

  • math
  • physical sciences
  • science classes in Engineering such as chemistry for Engineering
  • design graphics
  • fundamental classes in engineering

In addition, as dependent on the program you are entering, you will have hands on opportunities such as study abroad with Peace Corps and other such like. Your classes in engineering will also provide chances to use and gain the skills used in civil engineering.

In the state of Colorado, companies do not need to be certified by the Board in order to provide services in engineering. However, as a professional engineer, you will need to be licensed. Upon graduation from a civil engineering program, you will be endorsed to work in the field in good standing and you do not need to take any exams. As you progress in your engineering career, you can be further licensed to prove your level of expertise. After graduation, you will need to work eight years in the field. If you are coming from out of state, you need to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. The next two levels are working 10 years and 20 years.

While the job growth in civil engineering is about average, the occupation will become even more important as more cities and towns are looking for engineering solution that will be sustainable for their projected growth in the community. For this reason, you can expect the job market to grow.

Such, civil engineers can expect to have a median salary of $77,000 a year or $37 an hour, and will be working mostly indoors with some time spent outdoors to monitor construction. If the job is contractual, engineers may be expected to work longer hours to meet deadlines.

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