Iowa Mechanical Engineering Schools

If you want to start a new career as a mechanical engineer, the first step is getting a degree from an Iowa mechanical engineering school. There are three schools that offer this program. All three schools offer Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees. Associate’s degrees and doctoral degrees are available at two schools in the state.

Earning an Associate’s degree in mechanical engineering gives you the chance to take low-level mechanical engineering courses before deciding if you want to complete a Bachelor’s degree. This degree takes about two years to complete, as you must complete 60 credits. A Bachelor’s degree requires you to complete at least 120 credits, which should take you between four and five years. Some of the classes you may take for a Bachelor’s degree include Manufactory Processes, Introduction to Materials Science, and Heat Transfer Laboratory.

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, there are two options you can pursue. You can complete a Master’s degree or a PhD in mechanical engineering. A Master’s degree is made up of 30 credits, which you should be able to complete in two to three years. A PhD includes many of the same courses, but it also includes a thesis. You should plan on spending five to seven years earning a PhD.

In Iowa, the average cost of tuition is about $11,300 per semester. Two-year institutions and public colleges tend to be less expensive. The average tuition cost for a two-year school is $4,396, which rises to $7841 for a four-year public school.

There are several different scholarships you can apply for as a mechanical engineering student. If you plan on attending the University of Iowa, you can peruse their list of engineering scholarships. The Iowa Engineering Society offers a variety of engineering scholarships to qualified students.

In order to work as a mechanical engineer in Iowa, you have to get your license from the Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau. Prior to getting your license, you must successfully pass the NCEES exam. Once you have completed that, you can go through the exam verification process. Then, you are finally ready to get your license. Licenses must be renewed by the end of the year every year.

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