Kansas Computer Engineering Schools

If you want to start a career in computer engineering, there are four schools that can help you reach this goal. There are three schools with Associate’s degree programs, and there are also three schools that offer Bachelor’s degree programs. If you want a higher-level degree, there are three schools in the state with Master’s degree programs and PhD programs.

Earning an Associate’s degree in computer engineering involves completing 30 credits in engineering courses and general education courses. You can also choose to earn a Bachelor’s degree in the field, which involves completing 120 credits. You need about four to five years to earn this degree. Some of the classes that you may have to take include Digital Systems Design, Assembly Language, and Computer Organization. Your classes are split between lecture courses and hands-on engineering courses.

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in the field, you can look into earning a Master’s degree or PhD. A Master’s degree involves completing 30 credits, which takes about two years if you go full-time. A PhD involves many of the same courses, but you also have to complete a thesis. To complete a PhD, you can plan on spending five to seven years in school.

Kansas has many inexpensive tuition options, and the average cost of tuition in the state is $9700. Your costs may be lower if you are a Kansas resident, if you attend a two-year school, or if you qualify for federal financial aid.

There are a lot of scholarship options in Kansas. The Kansas Water Environment Association funds multiple scholarships for Kansas engineering students on an annual basis. The William R. Kimel Engineering Scholarship is another option that you can consider. This scholarship is given to one Kansas student each year.

After you have graduated from your engineering program, you will probably be very excited to get to work. Before you can work, you have to get your license from the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions. You must first take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Once you have received your test scores, you can fill out your application and send it in with your $100 fee. Once you receive your license, you can begin working as an engineer.

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