Louisiana Chemical Engineering

You can begin a new career in chemical engineering with a degree from one of Louisiana’s four engineering schools. Two schools have Associate’s degree programs. All four schools have Bachelor’s-level, Master’s-level, and Ph.D. programs. The average cost of tuition is $19,200 per year.

Your chemical engineering curriculum will likely include lots of courses that educate you on the theories of engineering. As a Bachelor’s degree student, you may take courses like Material & Energy Balance, Chemical Process Control, and Chemical Reaction Engineering. Master’s-level courses include Air Pollution Engineering Control, Mass Transfer, and Polymer Rheology & Processing.

However, most classes also include a lab requirement. In fact, some classes you take may be strictly lab courses! These classes play an important role in helping you develop practical engineering skills.

Obviously, you learn lots of new skills in engineering programs, so what kind of time commitment are you looking at? A Bachelor’s degree takes about four years. If you continue your education with a Master’s degree or Ph.D., you can expect two to seven additional years of school.

If you’re like most students, one of the first things you do when you check out a new school is looking at their tuition rates. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is one of the more affordable options in the state. Residents pay about $3,100 per semester and non-residents pay about $7,900 per semester. Tulane University is one of the most expensive schools in the state; tuition is $46,930 per year.

In Louisiana, there are many scholarship and grant opportunities you can take advantage of to help cover education costs. The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students is a statewide scholarship program.

After you complete your education and get your engineering degree, you can begin the process of becoming licensed as a Professional Engineer! All licensing in Louisiana goes through the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board.

Taking advantage of continuing education opportunities and professional development events is an important part of furthering your career. Consider joining a local group like the Louisiana Engineering Society.

As a new engineer, you may be able to earn a fairly lucrative salary. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Louisiana chemical engineer is $105,700 per year.

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