Maryland Automotive Engineering

If you are ready to start a career in automotive engineering, there are two great schools in Maryland that can help you take your first step. Both schools offer Bachelor’s degrees in automotive engineering; one school also offers a Master’s degree program and a PhD program. The average cost of tuition in Maryland is $45,000 per year.

The vast majority of engineering jobs require at least a Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree is made up of 120 to 130 credits, which you can generally complete in one to two years. Throughout your time in school, you may take courses like Applied Systems Integration, Alternate Fuel Systems, and Fuel Management Systems. Most engineering classes include a lab component; this part of your education gives you hands-on experience.

A Master’s degree or PhD is required for a career in research. A Master’s degree generally takes two years, while a PhD takes three to eight years. These degrees require higher-level courses like Fuel Cells & Fuel Processors, Mechanical Vibrations, and Battery Systems & Control. For most Master’s degree and PhD programs, you also need to complete a thesis.

While tuition rates do vary in Maryland, there is little tuition information available for Lincoln Technical Institute, one of the two schools that offer automotive engineering degrees. Tuition at Johns Hopkins University is the same for residents and non-residents. You can expect to spend $45,470 per year in tuition.

Applying for financial aid and scholarships is a great way to lower your out-of-pocket costs. The Maryland Society of Professional Engineers awards a variety of scholarships, including the Auxiliary Legacy Scholarship, the NSPE Educational Foundation Honorary Scholarship, and the Steinman Scholarship.

Once you have completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in automotive engineering, you can get your license from the Maryland Board for Professional Engineers. You’ll be eligible for a license after you pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam.

One of the best ways to further your career is joining a local professional organization like the Maryland Society of Professional Engineers. You may be able to attend educational events, network with other engineers, and find new job listings.

The salary range for automotive engineers is quite high in Maryland. O*Net reports that the average salary is $88,100 per year.

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