Maryland Biomedical Engineering Schools

If you have a natural affinity for math and science, consider putting those skills to use in the health care field with a degree in biomedical engineering. This degree is a subset of the overall field of engineering, and it allows you to work with technology that diagnoses, monitors, and treats medical issues. There are two Maryland schools where you can get a degree in biomedical engineering—one in Baltimore and one in College Park. They both have Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Maryland has an overall average tuition rate of $36,306 per year.

The educational path of a biomedical engineer is unique, since you need a strong body of knowledge in two main areas: human biology and engineering principles. To get a comprehensive education in both of these subjects, you need to earn a Bachelor’s degree. This takes most students about four years, since it requires you to complete 120 credits.

The curriculum of your biomedical engineering program is designed to prepare you for any job duties that may come your way after graduation. To that end, you may take courses like Medical Imaging, Biomedical Design, Biosystems Simulation & Control, and Quantitative Physiology.

In your lecture courses, you’ll learn about the theory of engineering. However, your lab courses are where you will learn the practical, hands-on skills of engineering. Each school has a dedicated engineering lab. With peers or on your own, you’ll learn how materials work under different conditions.

Many schools focus on research as one of the cornerstones of biomedical engineering. This may allow you to work on research as an undergraduate student. At Johns Hopkins University, you can study experimental approaches to challenging medical problems.

There’s a wide range of tuition rates in Maryland, but they don’t paint the whole picture of your out-of-pocket expenses. It is also important to consider financial aid when you decide which school best fits your budget. On the low end of the price scale is the University of Maryland-College Park. Tuition here is $3,806 per semester for residents and $9,765 per semester for non-residents. Johns Hopkins University is one of the most expensive schools in the state, with an annual tuition rate of $45,470.

Scholarships are one of the easiest ways to pay for school without having to take on costly debt. Some scholarships are school-based. For example, the University of Maryland-College Park offers a wide range of engineering scholarships to new and established students. You can also apply for scholarships like the Roger H. Willard Scholarship through the County Engineers Association of Maryland.

After you graduate from your engineering school of choice, the final step is getting your Professional Engineer license from the Maryland Board for Professional Engineers. Before you can sit for the Professional Engineer exam, you have to pay a $50 application fee and a $225 exam fee. After you pass the Professional Engineer exam, you receive your license from the Board.

As a new engineer, you may want to join a local group like the Maryland Society of Professional Engineers. This group offers ongoing education courses that can help you learn about new technology in the field. You can also attend networking events and be the first to know about legislative changes that may affect your career.

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