Minnesota Mechanical Engineering Schools

There are six schools in Minnesota that can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. There are four Associate’s degree options, and all six schools have Bachelor’s degree programs. Five schools offer Master’s and doctoral programs in mechanical engineering. Three schools offer online courses, which can be beneficial for you.

Mechanical engineering can be a rigorous program, as it involves many science-heavy lectures and lab classes that enhance your understanding of engineering materials. Completing an Associate’s degree takes about two years, and many of these 60 required credits can be transferred to a four-year institution.

Some of the classes you may have to take at this level include Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Introduction to Materials Science, and Magnetism & Fluids. A Bachelor’s degree should take you about four to five years of full-time study, and it encompasses 120 credits. Many of the courses you take at this level are the same as courses at the Associate’s degree level, but you also have to take higher-level engineering courses.

Earning a Master’s degree can prepare you for a leadership role as a mechanical engineer. You can expect to spend two to three years in a Master’s program, taking classes like Gas Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, and Nonlinear Engineering Systems.

In Minnesota, the average cost of tuition is about $16,600 per semester. However, there are many public colleges and two-year colleges that have much lower tuition costs. You can lower your tuition costs by filling out the FAFSA and seeing which types of financial you qualify for.

There are many scholarship options that you can look into, including the Minnesota Surveyors and Engineers Society Scholarship. The Minnesota High Tech Association also offers many engineering scholarships on an annual basis. If you attend selected colleges, you can apply for the City Engineers Association of Minnesota Scholarship.

The Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design licenses mechanical engineers. Before you can get your license, you must pass the nationally required NCEES exam. Then, you can fill out your application and apply for licensure from the board. You must also pay an application fee of $25.

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