Missouri Automotive Engineering

If you’re excited to start a career in automotive engineering, Missouri has eight high-quality schools that can help you get there! There are three schools with Associate’s-level programs, six schools with Bachelor’s degree programs, and five schools with Master’s degree programs. Two schools offer PhDs. The average cost of tuition is $16,300 per year.

To become a successful automotive engineer, you need a comprehensive education in the theory and practice of engineering. You can get the skills you need with a Bachelor’s degree, which requires the completion of 120 credits over four to five years. At this level, you may take a mix of low-level and high-level courses like Automotive Systems, Materials for Automotive Applications, and Alternate Fuel Systems. You may also be required to complete a certain number of lab hours every semester to become experienced with various engineering tools and materials.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree, you have the option to continue your education with a Master’s degree or PhD. These degrees, which require two and seven years of additional study respectively, can give you a more in-depth view into topics of your choosing. Courses at this level include Battery Systems & Control, Embedded Control Systems, and Automotive Body Structures.

Tuition is an important part of your school selection, so it’s important to evaluate each school’s tuition and financial aid options. Metropolitan Community College is one of the lowest-priced schools in Missouri. Tuition is $92 per credit hour for residents and $172 per credit hour for non-residents. Missouri University of Science and Technology is one of the most expensive schools in the state. Tuition is $1,116.37 per credit.

There are many scholarships on a statewide, nationwide, and school-wide basis that can off-set your educational costs. The William R. Kimel, PE Engineering Scholarship, worth $2,500, is awarded to Kansas and Missouri students.

To work as a Professional Engineer in Missouri, you have to get your license from the Board for Architects, Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects. You may be eligible for licensure after successfully passing the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam.

Missouri has many professional development opportunities; you can take advantage of them by joining the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers. Continuing education, job listings, and networking events are some of the main benefits of membership.

Your automotive engineering skills may be well-compensated in Missouri. O*Net reports that the average salary for an automotive engineer is $76,100 per year.

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