Nevada Mechanical Engineering Schools

Attending a mechanical engineering program in Nevada can prepare you for an entry-level job as a mechanical engineer. There are three schools in Nevada with this program. One school offers an Associate’s program and all three schools have Bachelor’s-level programs. There are two schools that offer Master’s degrees and PhDs.

An Associate’s degree in mechanical engineering is less common than a Bachelor’s degree. Completing this degree can help you decide whether you want to continue your schooling and whether engineering is the right path for you. You can generally expect to spend two years in school to complete the required 60 credits.

A Bachelor’s degree can prepare you for the licensing required of engineers. You generally need four years to complete a Bachelor’s degree, which requires 120 credits. Some of the classes that may be required of you include Applied Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, and Introduction to Materials Science.

Earning a Master’s degree or Ph.D. can prepare you to work as a professor or researcher of mechanical engineering. Master’s degrees typically take between two and four years, while a Ph.D. may require five to seven years of full-time study.

The average cost of tuition in Nevada is approximately $12,100. However, tuition at public schools and two-year institutions tends to be much lower. You can lower your overall cost by applying for federal financial aid and looking at what financial aid options are offered by your school.

There are many scholarships there may be available to you. The Nevada Society of Professional Engineers awards scholarships on an annual basis in several different areas of the state. The Nevada branch of the Society of Women Engineers also offers scholarships to female engineering students in Nevada.

All licensing of mechanical engineers is done by the Nevada State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Before you can be awarded your license, you must successfully pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. After filling out your application and paying the associated fee, you can finally get your engineering license.

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