Ohio Mechanical Engineering Schools

Do you want to earn your mechanical engineering degree in Ohio? There are many programs for each degree level. Overall, there are 34 mechanical engineering schools in Ohio. There are 27 Associate’s programs and 17 Bachelor’s programs. If you want a Master’s degree, there are 14 schools to consider. Ph.D. programs are offered at 13 schools.

First, you have to decide whether you want to get an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree. You need at least a Bachelor’s degree to apply for licensure. An Associate’s degree takes about two years and includes 60 credits, while a Bachelor’s degree includes 120 credits and usually takes four years.

Some of the courses you may take at this level include Magnetism and Fluids, Thermodynamics, Applied Mechanics, and Manufactory Processes.

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a similar field, you may be interested in earning your Master’s degree or Ph.D. A Master’s degree should take you about two years; you are required to complete 30 credits. A PhD, however, usually takes five to seven years. This is because you have to write and defend a thesis.

Some advanced courses you may have to take at this level include Electromechanical Systems and Statistical Thermodynamics.

The overall average cost of tuition in Ohio is $15100. Your actual costs may be lower if you are an Ohio resident, attend a public school, or qualify for grants and scholarships.

There are many scholarship opportunities for Ohio engineering students. The Ohio Society of Professional Engineers awards multiple scholarships to engineering students every year.

Associated General Contractors of Ohio awards scholarships of up to $1000 to engineering students in Ohio.

After graduating from your engineering program, you are responsible for reporting to the Ohio Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors Board. First, you have to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

Once you have successfully passed the exam, which is offered every April and October, you can go ahead and apply for your license from the board.

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