Oklahoma Aerospace Engineering Schools

If you have a natural affinity for math and science, you are halfway to a career in aerospace engineering. You can harness your skills and gain new knowledge at three schools in Oklahoma. These schools are located as far north as Stillwater and as far south as Durant. You can look forward to a low average tuition cost of $9,800 per year—this is one of the lowest in the country. All three Oklahoma schools offer both Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in the field of aerospace engineering. Oklahoma colleges have an average class size of 19 students.

Are you ready to start your educational journey? Once you select an engineering school, you can get right into your courses. If you want to earn a Bachelor’s degree, the minimum degree required for licensure as an engineer, you’ll likely be in school for four years. You need to complete 120 credits prior to graduation.

Be sure to look over your curriculum as you plan your classes, since aerospace engineering requires a great deal of specialized coursework. Throughout the course of your degree, you may take courses like Thermodynamics, Aerospace Systems, Aerospace Structural Dynamics, and Incompressible Flow.

Research and hands-on experience are two important components of your degree, so plan your courses
accordingly. Even if you do not conduct research, you may be expected to keep up on new developments in the field. You can gain practical experience in the field at your school’s engineering lab, which is full of different aerospace engineering materials.

Since this field is so heavily based in math and science, you may have the opportunity to choose a minor that enhances your understanding of either field. At Oklahoma State University, for example, you can minor in Mathematics or Pilot and Aviation Management.

Overall, tuition in Oklahoma is very affordable. In general, tuition is less expensive for residents than for non-residents. One of the most inexpensive schools in the state is Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where tuition is $2,125.80 per semester for residents and $5,376 per semester for non-residents. The University of Oklahoma has considerably higher tuition rates of $8,915.50 per year for residents and $21,104.50 per year for non-residents.

You may want to begin applying for scholarships as soon as you know that you’ll be attending school in Oklahoma. There are many statewide and nationwide opportunities to consider. Consider the Oklahoma Engineering Foundation, which awards scholarships of $500/semester for four years. The Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers also awards scholarships to selected students.

You cannot begin your aerospace engineering career immediately after graduation. In fact, you must become licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. This process involves paying a $150 application and examination fee. You can then receive your examination date. Passing your Professional Engineer exam allows you to become licensed as a Professional Engineer.

If you want to make the most of your career, consider joining a local engineering group like the Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers. You can pursue continuing education opportunities; attending these events can help you stay up-to-date on new technologies and advancements in the field. You can also learn about legislation that may affect your career and network with other engineers in Oklahoma.

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