Oregon Engineering Degrees

Engineering Programs in Oregon

Did You Know? Oregon’s cheapest Engineering Program is located at Portland Community College, and costs $3,232 annually.

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest and is known for its diverse natural environment of mountains, forests, trails, rivers, and even volcanoes.

Oregon’s economy consists of different economic sectors, including agriculture, tourism, fishing, lumber, and technology.

The state capital of Salem is home to many computer-based jobs, as well as government jobs.

Portland, the largest city and metropolitan area in the state, is the cultural center of the state, filled with a vibrant arts, music, and cuisine scene.

Engineering Education in Oregon

Engineering degrees are typically in concentrations, such as civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering. These concentrations correspond to professions seen in the engineering sector.

For certifications or associate’s degrees in engineering, Oregon students can attend fourteen community colleges in the state. Three public universities in Oregon, Oregon State University, the Oregon Institute of Technology, and Portland State University, provide undergraduate engineering programs. Two private colleges, George Fox University and the University of Portland, also offer undergraduate engineering programs.

Graduate programs in engineering are provided by the University of Portland, Portland State University, Oregon State University, and the Oregon Institute of Technology.

Outlook for Engineering Jobs in Oregon

There are 31,110 total engineers in Oregon, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The average annual salary of the engineers in Oregon calculated to $74,020.

Engineering professions vary from the state average, such as electrical engineers. According to the BLS, there are 1,900 electrical engineers in Oregon who earn an average annual salary of $90,200. Health and safety engineers in Oregon earn $80,320 a year, but there are only 150 workers employed in the state. Another example includes civil engineers, who make $77,410 a year with 4,040 workers employed in the state.

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