Oregon Computer Engineering Schools

Computer Engineering Schools in Oregon

Are you interested in becoming a computer engineer? If so, you can start by attending one of the five computer engineering schools in Oregon. Two schools have Associate’s degree programs. There are four schools in Oregon with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Three schools have doctoral degree programs.

Deciding which degree you want to earn determines much of your educational path. An Associate’s degree is the shortest option. You can expect to complete about 60 credits in two years. Some schools allow you to transfer credits from this degree and use them towards a Bachelor’s degree.

A Bachelor’s degree requires the completion of 120 credits, which may take you between four and five years. Some of the classes you may take include Software Engineering, Computer Organization, and Network Analysis.

If you want to earn an advanced degree, there are two degrees you can choose from: a Master’s degree and a PhD. A Master’s degree involves 30 credits in advanced courses like Computer Communication Networks and Microprocessor Design. A PhD takes an average of seven years, because you have to write and defend a thesis.

The average cost of tuition in Oregon is $16,100. However, two-year schools and public colleges may be considerably more affordable. The average cost of tuition at a two-year school is $4441. At a public college, the average cost of tuition is $8605.

Applying for scholarships and grants can help you save money on college. Keith Walking floor funds the Keith Foster Engineering Scholarship, a scholarship worth $2500. This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis. You can also look at the scholarship list provided by the Oregon Community Foundation. This list includes a variety of scholarships, including those in engineering fields.

Before you can begin working as an engineer in Oregon, you must get your license from the Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying. In order to get your license, you must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. This exam is offered every April and October. Then, you can officially apply for licensure. Upon receiving your license, you must renew it every two years to keep it valid.

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