Pennsylvania Civil Engineering Schools

Civil Engineering Schools in Pennsylvania

Civil Engineering is a diverse and growing field in the state of Pennsylvania. Programs in Civil Engineering with a general duration of four years are offered in several colleges and universities throughout the state. Some of these universities include:

  • Pennsylvania State University
  • The University of Pittsburgh
  • Temple University
  • Drexel University
  • Bucknell University

Students enjoy courses such as:

  • surveying
  • highway engineering
  • soil mechanics
  • strength of materials
  • subdivision design
  • foundation design
  • hydraulics
  • soil and waste material

It is highly recommended to get licensed as a Professional Civil Engineer in the state of Pennsylvania. Licensing is administered by the State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists which is part of the Pennsylvania Department of State. Most students take the Engineer In Training (E.I.T) exam after graduation, and receive a license upon successfully passing the exam. In order to apply for the Professional Engineering (P.E) exam, candidates must have obtained four years of progressive experience in Civil Engineering after having received the E.I.T certificate.

For candidates with no four year degree, eight years of experience is required in order to apply for the Professional Engineering exam. The exam is taken is a full day session, and a passing score must be obtained in order to receive a Professional Engineering license. All professional civil engineering licenses in the state of Pennsylvania expire September 30 of every odd numbered year. A minimum of 24 professional development hours must be obtained in order to qualify for a renewal. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the American Public Works Association, and various schools, local and private organizations offer several course for continuing education or professional development.

Civil Engineers in Pennsylvania enjoy working in both the private and the public sector. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is a major employer, and its engineers work on roads, rail roads, and airports. Other duties of Civil Engineers in Pennsylvania in the public and private sector include but are not limited to:

  • subdivision design
  • drainage design and control
  • road repair and construction
  • irrigation and land remediation

The starting salary for Civil Engineers in Pennsylvania is a little over $61,000. City engineers earn about $83,000, while senior engineers make around $80,000.

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