South Carolina Aerospace Engineering Schools

Do you want to put your science, math, and mechanical skills to use in a completely new way? Consider earning an aerospace engineering degree in South Carolina. There is one school in this state with an aerospace engineering degree: the University of South Carolina. With over 34,000 students, you can meet lots of new people as a USC student! USC offers both a Bachelor’s degree program and a Master’s degree program in aerospace engineering. The average cost of tuition is about $19,000 per year, although rates vary for residents and non-residents.

The first step to a long and fulfilling career in aerospace engineering is getting your degree. You need to earn at least a Bachelor’s degree to work as an engineer in South Carolina. This is at least a four-year commitment, since you need to complete 120 credits in engineering and general education classes.

Aerospace engineering has a fairly rigid curriculum, since you need a very specific set of skills by the time you graduate. You need to be able to work in the research, testing, and development aspects of aerospace engineering. You can meet these requirements by taking courses like Aerospace Systems, Aerospace Propulsion, Incompressible Flow, and Aerospace Dynamical Systems.

Research is obviously a very important part of this field, since you need to be able to understand the newest developments in aircraft and spacecraft. You may be able to work under the supervision of professors or graduate students while studying different aspects of aerospace engineering.

The University of South Carolina has lots of practical learning opportunities you can pursue. They work closely with companies like Boeing, Sikorsky, and the U.S. military. This work experience can allow you to network with prospective employers.

Since the University of South Carolina is a public university, it has different tuition rates for residents and non-residents. If you are a resident of South Carolina, you can plan on spending $10,791 per year on tuition. The annual tuition rate for non-residents is $28,461.

There are many scholarships you can apply for to help save money on your tuition. Look into schoolwide, statewide, and nationwide scholarships to get as many opportunities as possible. You can look at the large list of scholarships offered by the National Society of Professional Engineers. There are also many scholarships offered to groups that are underrepresented in the field of engineering. If you fit into their respective groups, consider applying for scholarships offered by the Society of Women Engineers and the National Society of Black Engineers.

Once you have gone through the hard work of earning an aerospace engineering degree, it is time to earn your license from the South Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. You have to pay a $65 examination fee to the Board, at which point they schedule your Professional Engineer exam. After you pass your exam, you can legally work as a Professional Engineer.

Throughout the course of your career, it’s important to keep up on your educational growth and professional development. You may want to look into joining the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers. They offer special training courses, seminars, and other members-only events. You can also network with other engineers and learn about legislative changes in your area.

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