South Carolina Automotive Engineering

Are you ready to start a challenging career in the field of automotive engineering? If you are, there are three schools in South Carolina that you can attend. Two of these schools have Associate’s degree programs, and all three schools have Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. One school has a Ph.D. program. The average cost of tuition in South Carolina is $12,600 per year.

To meet the educational requirements of most automotive engineering jobs, you should plan on earning a four-year Bachelor’s degree. This degree is comprised of 120 credits in general education courses and engineering classes like Aerodynamics, Fuel Management Systems, and Vehicle Lightweight Design. A significant part of this degree is practical experience. In your school’s engineering lab, you can work directly with the vehicle components and engineering tools that you’ll use in your career.

If you want to take your education beyond the undergraduate level, consider earning a Master’s degree or Ph.D. These degrees require two to seven years of additional schooling. You may take courses like Mechanical Vibrations, Battery Systems & Control, and Automotive Body Structures. In addition to hands-on courses and theory courses, a Ph.D. requires the completion and defense of a thesis.

Before selecting a school, you may want to look closely at all your tuition rates and financial aid opportunities. One of the lowest-priced schools in the state is the University of South Carolina Upstate. Tuition is $4,874 per semester for residents and $9,888 per semester for non-residents. The University of South Carolina is slightly more expensive. Tuition at this school is $10,791 per semester for residents and $28,461 per semester for non-residents.

There are many school-specific scholarships in South Carolina. Consider the University of South Carolina, where they award the John H. Fain Scholarship, the Boeing Access to Education Scholarship, and the Columbia Sailing Club Scholarship.

After you’ve completed your education, you can finally apply for licensure as a Professional Engineer through the South Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors.

You can enjoy a wide range of membership benefits by joining the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers. This group offers special educational events, networking events, and job listings. This may allow you to boost your earning potential; O*Net reports that the average salary for an automotive engineer in South Carolina is $81,000.

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