South Carolina Chemical Engineering

South Carolina, home to three schools with chemical engineering programs, can be an excellent state for prospective engineers! Two schools offer Associate’s degree programs. Two schools award Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and PhDs. The average cost of tuition in South Carolina is $9,900 per semester.

Starting your education is an exciting part of beginning a new career path! You’ll likely start your practical experience as soon as you begin your degree. Hands-on experience shows you how different engineering techniques work, gives you experience with different types of chemicals, and allows you to develop safe lab work habits.

While practical experience is important, theoretical knowledge is just as essential to your education! Many of your courses will teach you about different chemical compositions and reactions, engineering techniques, and engineering theories. At the Bachelor’s degree level, you may take courses like Circuit Theory, Introduction to Polymers, and Chemical Process Control. At the Master’s degree level, you may take courses like Chemical Reactor Analysis & Design, Polymer Rheology & Processing, and Air Pollution Engineering Control.

It’s important to look at different tuition rates and financial aid opportunities at all the schools you’re considering. Midlands Technical College is one of the lowest-priced schools in South Carolina. Residents pay $1,812 per semester, and non-residents pay $5,436 per semester. At Clemson University, tuition is $13,382 per year for residents and $30,826 per year for non-residents.

Scholarships abound in South Carolina, so search early and often to get the most scholarship opportunities! At the University of South Carolina, you can apply for engineering scholarships like the Boeing Access to Education Scholarship, the John H. Fain Scholarship, and the Columbia Sailing Scholarship.

In South Carolina, you can earn your Professional Engineering license through the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. You can take the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam to receive your license.

You may want to take advantage of professional development opportunities, like those offered by the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers. This group gives you early access to networking events and continuing education events.

O*Net reports that the average annual salary for a South Carolina chemical engineer is $83,200.

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