Washington DC Biomedical Engineering Schools

Our nation’s capital has many different educational opportunities for prospective engineering students. If you want to become a biomedical engineer and develop exciting new types of medical technology, there are two schools you can attend. These schools have Bachelor’s degree programs and Master’s degree programs. The average cost of tuition in Washington DC is $33,100 per year since both Washington DC schools are private schools. The average class in Washington DC has just 12 students—this is one of the smallest average class sizes in the country.

Before you can get your start in the field of biomedical engineering, you have to earn a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Washington DC school. This degree requires four to five years of full-time study. Over the course of your program, you will earn 120 credits in engineering and general education classes.

You may have to take classes in a variety of fields, like human biology, engineering, and biomedical principles. Some of the courses you may be required to take include Quantitative Physiology, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Design, and Biology & Biotechnology.

It’s important to get as much hands-on experience as possible while you’re earning your degree. Plan on spending about 10 hours per week in the school’s engineering lab every semester. You may also be able to complete an internship, which also has networking advantages.

Research is an essential component at many biomedical engineering schools. At George Washington University, you can conduct research in fields like physiological flows, biosensors, and tissue engineering.

Tuition rates vary significantly between the two biomedical engineering schools in Washington DC. The Catholic University of America is one of the most affordable options in this region. Tuition is $19,000 per semester for residents and non-residents. Tuition at George Washington University is much higher; residents and non-residents pay $47,290 per year.

Applying for scholarships is one of the best ways to earn money towards your education. You can become a Clark Engineering Scholar at George Washington University. This scholarship program has very stringent requirements, but if you get it, you get money every year. You can also apply for scholarships funded by the International Union of Operating Engineers, an organization that has its headquarters in Washington DC.

After you graduate with your biomedical engineering degree, you’re almost ready to start your career. You can start by getting your license from the District of Columbia Board of Professional Engineering. You have to pay a number of different fees before you get your license. First, you have to pay a $165 exam fee and a $65 application fee. Once you pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam, you can pay a $120 license fee and get your license.

Joining the District of Columbia Society of Professional Engineers has lots of benefits. You can attend members-only educational events, which can take your career to the next level. In addition, you can attend networking events and learn about legislative changes.

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