West Virginia Chemical Engineering Schools

If you’re ready to start a career in chemical engineering, West Virginia is home to two schools that can help you get the education you need. Both schools have Bachelor’s degree programs, and one school also awards Master’s degrees and PhDs. The average cost of tuition in West Virginia is $11,300 per year.

One of the earliest decisions you have to make as a student is what kind of degree you want to earn. Unless you already have a Bachelor’s of Science degree, you’ll likely start with a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. This degree usually takes four years to earn. If you have already completed your undergraduate education, you can choose to pursue a Master’s degree or PhD. A Master’s degree takes two years and a PhD takes between three and eight years.

You take a variety of theory-based engineering courses throughout your time as a student. Many courses also include a lab component that allows you to put your new knowledge to work. At the undergraduate level, you may take courses like Principles of Chemical Engineering, Biomass Refinery Operations, and Material & Energy Balance. As the post-graduate level, required courses may include Chemical Engineering Transport Processes, Transport Phenomena, and Viscous Flow.

Tuition rates vary in West Virginia, depending on residency status and degree level. The West Virginia Institute of Technology is slightly less expensive than West Virginia University. Residents pay $5,808 per year and non-residents pay $14,616 per year. At West Virginia University, residents pay $3,228 per semester and non-residents pay $9,816 per semester.

Applying for scholarships can help you cover some or all of your educational costs. At West Virginia University, you can apply for the CEMR Scholarship, the Donald T. Worrell Scholarship, and the Jerome B. Fanucci Scholarship.

To start your career as a Professional Engineer, you must get your license from the West Virginia Board of Registration for Professional Engineers. You may be eligible for licensure after passing the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam. Consider joining the West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers. This professional development group offers continuing education courses, legislative updates, and more.

As an engineer, your salary will likely be affected by seniority, experience, and education level. O*Net reports that the median salary for a West Virginia chemical engineer is $87,500 per year.

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