West Virginia Computer Engineering Schools

If you work well with computers and computing systems, a career in computer engineering may be the next step for you. There are four computer engineering schools in West Virginia, one of which offers an Associate’s degree program. Three schools have Bachelor’s degree programs, and two award Master’s degrees. There is one school that has a doctoral program.

The degree you decide to earn depends on your career goals and how much time you want to spend in school. An Associate’s degree only takes two years, so it requires the shortest time commitment. During your time in school, you earn 60 credits in a variety of engineering courses. A Bachelor’s degree is typically required for licensure. This degree takes between four and five years to earn, during which time you take classes like Network Analysis, Computer Organization, and Software Engineering.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree, you may decide to go on to earn a Master’s degree or PhD. A Master’s degree requires an average time commitment of two years if you attend school full-time. A PhD typically requires a minimum of five years, depending on how long it takes you to write your thesis.

Tuition costs vary between schools, but the average statewide cost of tuition is $10,800. Tuition rates tend to be considerably lower at two-year schools and public colleges.

There are a variety of engineering scholarships open to West Virginia students. The West Virginia Department of Transportation awards scholarships of up to $12000 to engineering students. The College Foundation of West Virginia gives scholarships to select West Virginia students in science and technology fields.

The final step in becoming a professional engineer is getting your license from the West Virginia Board of Registration for Professional Engineers. In order to earn your license, you must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which is administered by the NCEES every April and October. After passing your exam, you can fill out the required application forms and send them to the board.

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