Wisconsin Civil Engineering Schools

Civil engineering is a popular and growing field in Wisconsin. A few great universities in Wisconsin which offer programs in Civil Engineering include:

  • The University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee
  • Madison
  • Marquette University

Civil engineering programs are typically four years in length and includes core courses such as soil mechanics, surveying, transportation engineering, water resource, and geotechnical engineering.

Licensing is a must in Wisconsin to work as a civil engineer. Thus after graduation students are encouraged to sit for the Engineering In Training / Fundamentals of Engineering exam, and eventually the Professional Engineering (P.E.) exam. The latter is an eight hour exam, with a morning and afternoon session. A license which has to be renewed by January 31st of even numbered years is obtained upon successfully passing the exam. Licensing is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

A four year degree and four years of experience is required to apply for the Professional Engineering exam. As an alternative, an engineer might meet the requirements by having a technical degree and 6 years of experience in the field. A P.E. license gives civil engineers more room for advancement in the field. With a license a civil engineer in Wisconsin can stamp and seal technical drawings, supervise other engineers, bid for projects, and act as principals in a firm.

Civil engineers in Wisconsin work in:

  • design and construction of foundations
  • structures
  • drainage
  • remediation of contaminated surfaces, utilities and various other infrastructure

Their job ranges from doing designs and calculations in an office setting, to doing construction monitoring in the field. They are employed by large and small private firms as well as other public employers such as municipal, state and federal government agencies. The state and other local organizations provide enrichment classes for continuing education.

The average starting salary for civil engineers in Wisconsin is $55,000, while the overall mean average is $73,810. Civil engineers with extensive experience and a license could earn close to $100,000, making it a lucrative career.

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