Arkansas Civil Engineering Schools

Are you looking to study civil engineering in Arkansas? Now is a great time to pursue a career in civil engineering in Arkansas with a number of job possibilities including:

  • local constructors
  • design firms
  • government agencies
  • manufacturers
  • technical companies

If you study civil engineering in Arkansas, typically, you’ll be going for a bachelor’s degree, and you’ll study subjects as diverse as architectural skills, civil engineering ethics, and math and sciences that you may not have studied in a while. A degree in civil engineering in Arkansas takes about 4 years to complete, and schools are ranked nationally in civil engineering and architectural studies, both related to what you’ll be doing as a civil engineer in Arkansas.

After you finish your 4-year degree, you’ll want to pursue a license in the state of Arkansas. The board of licensure can help you, and you must take a qualifying exam in civil engineering before you are able to become a civil engineer in Arkansas. You’ll be able to take courses to study for this exam if you so choose; many companies in Arkansas offer preparation courses for this test. Continuing to renew your license is necessary, too, and every other year you must apply for a license renewal.

The US Department of Labor projects that, over the next several years, need for civil engineers will increase by about 24%, so you’ll hopefully be able to find a good job as a civil engineer in Arkansas. The mean wage in 2012 for civil engineers in Arkansas was reported at $72,570 by the BLS.

According to The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a number of civil engineers also pursue careers in the following related fields:

  • Commercial design and construction
  • Heavy highway design and construction
  • Facilities management
  • Industrial design and construction
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