Arkansas Computer Engineering Schools

If you are ready to start a career in computer engineering, the first step is attending one of the three engineering schools in Arkansas. All three schools in the state offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate degrees. One school, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, also has an Associate’s-level program in this field.

To become licensed as an engineer, you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the field. If you’re not ready to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, you can start with an Associate’s degree. This includes 60 credits and usually takes about two years. Many schools in Arkansas will accept your Associate’s degree credits and put them toward your Bachelor’s degree. Coursework you may take at this level includes Computer Organization, Software Engineering, and Operating Systems.

Once you have your Bachelor’s degree in this or a similar field, you may choose to pursue a Master’s degree or PhD. A Master’s degree is comprised of 30 credits, and if you attend school full-time, you may be able to finish within two years.

A PhD includes many of the same courses as a Master’s degree, but it also includes a thesis. For this reason, a PhD takes an average of seven years to complete.

Arkansas tends to have a very reasonable tuition rates, especially when you compare them with certain other states. For residents, the average cost of tuition is $2700. If you are not a resident of Arkansas, the average tuition cost is $7900.

As an Arkansas student, there are many scholarships that you may be able to apply for. One option is the Arkansas American Council of Engineering Companies Scholarship. You may be able to get a scholarship at $1000 or more if you are selected. Another option is the Arkansas Community Foundation scholarships. They fund a wide variety of scholarships, including those in the field of engineering.

After earning your degree in computer engineering, the next step is to get licensed through the Arkansas State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors. Before you can be considered for licensure, you must take the required engineering exam. His exam is offered every April and every October. After passing your exam, you can send in your $75 license fee and application to the board. Once your application has been checked and processed, you may receive your license in the mail.

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