Florida Automotive Engineering Schools

If you’re ready to get a degree in automotive engineering, Florida is home to 14 schools that can help you reach your goals. There’s one school in Florida with an Associate’s degree program, and all 14 schools have Bachelor’s-level programs. You can earn a Master’s degree or Ph.D. at three Florida schools. The average cost of tuition in Florida is $17,200 per year.

One of the first decisions you have to make as a prospective automotive engineering student is what kind of degree you want to earn. A Bachelor’s degree is likely the most popular choice, as it qualifies you for licensure in Florida. You’ll need to complete 120 credits in courses like Automotive Electronics, Fuel Management Systems, and Applied Systems Integration. Of course, hands-on experience is a must! Your school’s engineering lab will likely have everything you need to get lots of practical experience.

If you want to take your career to the next level, you may be able to pursue a Master’s degree or Ph.D. These degrees take two years and seven years, respectively. Many of the classes are the same—you may take courses like Advanced Combustion, Embedded Control Systems, and Vehicle Dynamics.

Since there are so many schools in Florida, there are many different tuition rates. Broward College has very low tuition rates. Tuition is about $1,600 per semester for residents and $5,445 per semester for non-residents. The University of Miami has some of the highest tuition rates in the state. Tuition is $20,790 per semester for residents and non-residents.

No matter which school you attend, scholarships and grants can help you save money. The Florida Engineering Foundation awards a variety of engineering scholarships every year. In total, they award almost $40,000 per school year.

Before you can legally work as an automotive engineer in Florida, you must get your license from the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. After you pass the PE exam, administered by the NCEES, you can get your license.

You may be able to earn a competitive salary, even as a new engineer! According to O*Net, the average salary for an automotive engineer in Florida is $75,300 per year.

To propel your career forward, consider joining a local group like the Florida Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Membership gives you access to continuing education, job listings, and more.

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