Florida Mechanical Engineering Schools

Are you ready to become a mechanical engineer? The first step is completing a mechanical engineering program in Florida. There are 15 schools you can choose to attend here, including universities and technical schools. If you are a Florida resident, the average tuition cost is $2700 per semester. If you are not a resident of Florida, the average cost of tuition is $9800 per semester.

There are a few schools in Florida that offer certificates and Associate’s degrees in mechanical engineering. Certificate programs usually last about one year and associate degree programs typically last two years. Programs at this level are meant to prepare you for Bachelor’s-level work in engineering.

A Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering encompasses 120 to 140 credits, which takes most people four to five years to complete. Some of the courses you may have to take it this level include Circuit Analysis, Thermodynamics, Energy Systems, and Transport Phenomena.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a similar field, you may want to earn your Master’s degree in mechanical engineering. These programs usually have about 30 credits, which may take you two years of full-time study to complete. As a part-time student, you may need three to four years. Courses at this level include Energy Conversion, Continuum Mechanics, and Advanced Control System Theory. This level of study also includes research in mechanical engineering.

Tuition costs vary significantly between schools. You may pay as little as $1400 as a resident and $4700 as a non-resident at Florida State at Jacksonville. On the high end, you may pay $21000 per semester as a resident or non-resident at the University of Miami. The average cost of tuition in the state is $2700 per semester; that increases to $9800 for non-residents.

Taking advantage of engineering scholarships can help save you money on college. You can look to the Florida Engineering Society, an organization that funds thousands of dollars of scholarships every year for Florida engineering students.

All licensing of engineers is done by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. You have to take a certified examination, and successful completion of that exam allows you to register with the board. In order to be eligible for renewal, you must complete eight hours of continuing education every cycle. Joining the Florida Engineering Society can help you take advantage of special continuing education opportunities.

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