Maine Chemical Engineering

Are you ready to become a chemical engineer? You may start by attending the University of Maine, the one school in Maine that has a chemical engineering program. This school awards Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. The average cost of tuition is $8,400 per semester.

One of the first decisions you have to make as a chemical engineering student is what type of degree you want to earn. Unless you already have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field, you should consider starting with a Bachelor’s degree. This degree takes four years of full-time study. If you do have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, you can look into a Master’s degree or PhD. A Master’s degree requires two additional years of study, and a PhD takes three to eight years.

Courses vary at each levels. The courses required in a Bachelor’s degree are designed to give you a solid base of knowledge. You may take classes like Principles of Chemical Engineering, Introduction to Polymers, and Process Simulation & Design. Courses required at the post-graduate level build on your core understanding. Common classes include Chemical Engineering Kinetics, Air Pollution Engineering Control, and Transport Phenomena.

At the University of Maine, tuition rates vary for residents and non-residents. Resident undergraduate students pay $5,300 per semester and resident graduate students pay $7,380 per semester. Non-residents at the undergraduate level pay $14,000 per semester. At the graduate level, non-residents pay $20,700 per semester.

There are a variety of engineering scholarships and grants offered by the University of Maine. Possible scholarship opportunities include the Robert H. Caldwell Memorial Scholarship, the Dearborn Scholarship, and the Walter E. Riley ’32 Scholarship.

Before you can represent yourself as a licensed Professional Engineer, you must complete the licensing process laid out by the Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers. You must pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam.

As you approach graduation, you may wonder how much money you can earn when you start your career. The average salary for a chemical engineer in Maine is $91,500 per year, according to O*Net. You may be able to increase your earning potential by joining the Maine Association of Engineers, since this group allows you to attend networking events and take advantage of continuing education courses.

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