Maine Civil Engineering Schools

Civil engineering being one of the most prospective careers in the world is more than just demanding. For instance, it requires that one be quite smart academically and beside that, spend a number of years in college while pursuing their education. If living in Maine, one is further expected to obtain an engineer’s license in order to be permitted to work within the state. However, despite all this, a career in civil engineering is high paying and enables one to become a part of creating a better future.

For interested students to become a civil engineer, one can choose to enroll for either an associate or bachelor degree. To be considered for admission, one ought to have attained a quite high GPA in their high school and with score results in math and sciences. Usually, students have to take two semester training per year. An associate degree usually takes two years whereas a bachelor’s degree takes four years. The programs are both theoretical and practical, but with a lot of emphasis on practicals. This is to ensure that the upcoming civil engineers are capable of applying their knowledge on real life situations. The career therefore requires civil engineering students must:

  • be a fast learner
  • pay attention to detail
  • be open minded
  • ready to embrace technology

With this knowledge, one can be much more capable of handling various tasks in their career such as designing, planning and constructing various structures such as buildings, roads, bridges and other highly advanced scientific structures.

After the completion of a civil engineering program, the state of Maine requires that one be licensed by the Maine Engineering Licensing Board. The main requirements are one’s credentials to certify that they have successfully undergo the required engineering training. Moreover, one must be ready to sit for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. To do so, one should be living in Maine and should have either graduated or be in their final year in college pursuing a civil engineering program. The licenses should be renewed before the 31st of December of every odd numbered year. Even after graduating with an associate or bachelor’s degree, one is further free to continue with their education so as to get a masters or even a PhD degree.

A degree in civil engineering opens doors for one to work in the public sector and at the same time, earn a very decent salary. Usually, engineers who have a masters or PhD degrees tend to earn more than those with an associate or bachelors degree. The experience civil engineers have in certain specialties matters as well. Therefore, civil engineers can earn between $48,000 and $115,000 per year, with the mean salary being $72,100.

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