Maine Mechanical Engineering Schools

If you want to become a mechanical engineer in Maine, you must first graduate from one of Maine’s two mechanical engineering programs. Both schools offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate degrees. One school, the University of Southern Maine, also has an Associate’s-level program in mechanical engineering.

Starting your Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering can prepare you for entry-level work as a mechanical engineer. These programs generally require 120 to 130 credits. You can expect to spend four to five years earning this degree. If you decide to start with an Associate’s degree instead, you may need to be in school for two years to complete the required 60 credits. Classes you may have to take include Introduction to Materials Science, Heat Transfer Laboratory, and Magnetism & Fluids.

If you would prefer to work in a research or teaching capacity, you may want to earn your Master’s degree or PhD in mechanical engineering. Both of these programs require a Bachelor’s degree before acceptance. If you choose to pursue a Master’s degree, it may take you about two to three years of full-time study. A PhD generally takes between five and seven years, as it requires the writing and defense of a thesis.

The average cost of tuition in Maine is $13,700 per semester. However, the actual amount you have to pay depends on a variety of factors, including residency status, which degree you are pursuing, and what financial aid you qualify for.

Scholarships can be a great way to pay for your education without having to take out loans. The Maine Society of Professional Engineers awards scholarships on an annual basis to engineering students. If you attend the University of Maine, you may qualify for a scholarship from the Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarship.

All engineering licenses go through the State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers. Prior to earning your license, you must pass the NCEES exam. You can take this on paper or online. After you pass the exam, you can send the required licensure fee to the board in order to receive your license.

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