Massachusetts Automotive Engineering

If you want to put your mechanical skills to use in a new career, look into getting an automotive engineering degree in Massachusetts. This state has four schools, including two schools offer Associate’s degrees and Bachelor’s degrees. Two schools offer Master’s degrees and one school has a PhD program. The average cost of tuition in Massachusetts is $18,200 per year.

A Bachelor’s degree is the degree to start with if you want to jump right into the field of automotive engineering. This degree is very in-depth; you complete at least 120 credits over the course of eight full-time semesters. You may take engineering courses like Alternate Fuel Systems, Aerodynamics, and Methods for Vehicle Testing.

Lab courses are an integral part of your education. Whether you work alone or with peers, lab courses allow you to work directly with engineering materials and learn how they work in different vehicle components.

If you decide to earn a Master’s degree or PhD, you can get ready to take high-level courses like Internal Combustion Engines, Embedded Control Systems, and Fuel Cells & Fuel Processors. These degrees both require the completion of a Bachelor’s degree; on top of that, a Master’s degree takes two additional years, and a PhD takes about five to seven years.

We know that tuition and financial aid play a big role in determining your school choice. One of the most affordable schools in the area is Massachusetts Bay Community College, where tuition is $174 per credit for residents and $380 per credit for non-residents. Tufts University has one of the highest tuition rates in the state; tuition is $47,444 per year for all students.

Massachusetts has many statewide and school-specific engineering scholarships that can offset your education expenses. Massport awards several different scholarships, including Diversity STEM Scholarships, which are worth $2,000 each.

The final step to starting your engineering career in Massachusetts involves getting your license from the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors. This process requires you to pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam and register with the board.

Upon graduating, consider joining a local professional group like the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers. This group offers continuing education courses and job listings.

Salaries in Massachusetts vary, based on a number of factors. O*Net indicates that the average salary in Massachusetts is $88,300 per year.

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