Massachusetts Civil Engineering Schools

The study of civil engineering in Massachusetts is a very rewarding profession. It is appealing to those pursuing a hands-on and people orientated career. The pay is worth the effort of completing the course of study. Civil engineering covers a broad scope of applications. It involves the maintenance, design and construction of railroads, airports, buildings, etc. Civil Engineering is composed of many disciplines within the engineering field such as physics, surveying and town planning. We will discuss the curriculum, licensing requirements and job prospects for civil engineering in Massachusetts.

Civil engineering in Massachusetts requires at least a bachelor’s degree which will require at four years of study. It is crucial that your college of choice is ABET accredited. Future prospects should ensure that they are comfortable with the following course subjects:

  • mathematics
  • design principles
  • information technology
  • geography
  • economics

Civil engineers must also possess excellent planning and organizational skills. They should be able to see the big picture and then break it down into different categories for completion. Management skills are very important. Prospects must have excellent communication and social skills.

In addition to receiving your degree in civil engineering, you must complete the appropriate certifications. The first certification exam that should be taken is FE/EIT (engineering in training). This exam is normally taken during your junior or senior year in college. After graduation it is recommended to take the PE exams. This certification will make more opportunities available to you and to further advance in your career as a civil engineer a membership with the American Society of Civil Engineers is encouraged.

Civil engineers within Massachusetts are required to be licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors. The exam for the state license is held twice per year. This license is critical, especially if you intend to form or work for an engineering company in Massachusetts.

Civil engineers are expected to earn approximately $35.00 per hour at the entry level with a bachelors degree. The approximated annual wage is $77,000.00. The pay grade increases for those with graduate degrees and several years of experience. A career in civil engineering can be enhanced by specializing in a particular discipline. The job and employment outlook for civil engineers in Massachusetts is very promising. Jobs openings in the state is expected to grow by 20 percent by 2020.

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