Massachusetts Chemical Engineering

If you want to become a chemical engineer, you can start by getting a thorough education in the field. In Massachusetts, there are six schools that offer this program. Three schools have Associate’s degree programs. All six schools award Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and PhDs. The average cost of tuition in Massachusetts is $15,500 per semester.

As you may have expected, hands-on learning is a large part of your chemical engineering education. Since your career will likely involve working with dangerous chemicals, practicing early and often can help you develop safe work habits. In addition, lab hours allow you to practice your engineering techniques.

To make the most of your lab hours, you need to study hard in your theory classes! Course names vary between schools. However, common undergraduate courses include Material & Energy Balance, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, and Biomass Refinery Operations. At the post-graduate level, courses may include Chemical Engineering Kinetics, Transport Phenomena, and Unit Operations.

The amount of time you spend in school depends on which degree you pursue. A Bachelor’s degree, which is the most common choice, takes four years. Beyond that, you can complete a Master’s degree in two years or a PhD in four to seven years.

It’s likely that part of your school selection process will involve looking at each school’s tuition rates and financial aid opportunities. On the low end of the scale, the University of Massachusetts-Lowell costs $1,454 per semester for residents and $8,567 per semester for non-residents. On the other end of the scale, you have Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Tuition is $21,089 per semester for all students.

Many schools in Massachusetts award a variety of engineering scholarships. The University of Massachusetts-Lowell has scholarships like the USRA Scholarship, the Orazio DiMauro Foundation, and the ASCO Numatics Scholarship.

Many new graduates wonder how much money they can earn as a chemical engineer. According to O*Net, the average salary for a chemical engineer in Massachusetts is $93,400 per year. You may be able to increase your earning potential by joining the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers and taking advantage of their professional development opportunities.

If you want to get your Professional Engineering license in Massachusetts, you must go through the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors. They will require you to pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam.

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