South Dakota Automotive Engineering

How would you like to start a career in the dynamic field of automotive engineering? South Dakota is home to three schools that offer this program, including two schools with Associate’s degree programs. All three schools have Bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s degree programs, and PhD programs. The average cost of tuition in South Dakota is $6,100 per semester.

The two degree choices you have as a first-time student include an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree, which comprises 120 credits in engineering courses and general education classes, is the more popular choice. This four-year degree requires you to complete courses like Vehicle Diagnostics, Fuel Management Systems, and Materials for Automotive Applications. In addition to theory courses that educate you on the science and mathematics of engineering, you must take practical courses that give you hands-on experience with engineering materials and techniques.

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to jump right into a Master’s degree or PhD. Master’s degrees require two additional years of schooling and PhDs take an average of seven years. Courses you may be required to take at this level include Advanced Combustion, Battery Systems & Control, and Power Electronics.

We understand how important tuition and financial aid are in your school decision, which is why we encourage you to evaluate each school’s costs before making a choice. In South Dakota, tuition rates are lowest at South Dakota State University , where tuition is $139 per credit for residents and $208 per credit for non-residents. Tuition is highest at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Tuition is $8,240 per semester for residents and $11,170 per semester for non-residents.

There are many scholarships you can take advantage to offset your educational costs. The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology offers students a list of dozens of engineering scholarships.

If you want to become a Professional Engineer in South Dakota, you must get your license from the South Dakota Board of Technical Professions. The Board requires you to pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam and then apply for licensure. You may want to join a local group like the South Dakota Engineering Society to network with area professionals.

Automotive engineering salaries in South Dakota range from $51,000 to $95,800 per year, according to O*Net. The average salary is $66,600 per year.

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