South Dakota Mechanical Engineering Schools

If you want to become a mechanical engineer, there are two schools in South Dakota that can help you get started. Both schools offer Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate degrees. One school is located in Rapid City and the other is located in Brookings. The average cost of tuition and South Dakota is $9800.

Associate’s degree programs in South Dakota require you to complete 60 credits in general education and mechanical engineering. Many of these credits can typically be transferred to a Bachelor’s degree if you decide you want to become licensed as an engineer.

You need to earn 120 to 130 credits if you want to get a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. If you attend school full-time, this should take you between four and five years. Some of the classes you may have to take include Engineering and Design, Magnetism and Fluids, and Component Design.

Earning a high-level degree like a Master’s degree or PhD can help you get started in a career of researching or teaching mechanical engineering. A Master’s degree encompasses 30 credits. If you go to school full-time, you may be able to finish in two years. If you go part-time, you may be able to complete your degree in three to four years. A PhD involves writing and defending a thesis, so you may need five to seven years of full-time study.

The average cost of tuition in South Dakota is approximately $9800. However, you can lower your out-of-pocket costs by applying for scholarships and grants.

There are several scholarship opportunities for you as a South Dakota student. The Sioux Falls Community Foundation awards scholarships and various areas to South Dakota students, so there may be multiple engineering scholarships you can apply for.

The South Dakota Engineering Society is another organization that awards multiple engineering scholarships to local students.

Prior to working as a mechanical engineer in South Dakota, you have to get licensed by the Board of Technical Professions. After you graduate, you can apply to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in April or October. Once you have successfully completed your exam, you can apply for licensure.

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