South Dakota Computer Engineering Schools

Do your future plans include working as a computer engineer? If you live in South Dakota, there is one school that can help you reach this goal: South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. This school offers computer engineering education at all four levels: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Earning an undergraduate degree in computer engineering can prepare you for entry-level work in the field. If you want to earn an Associate’s degree, you have to earn 60 credits in engineering and general education courses. A Bachelor’s degree, which can prepare you for licensure, requires the completion of 120 credits. You may be able to graduate within four years if you attend school full-time. Some of the classes you may take as an undergraduate student include Digital Systems, Assembly Language, and Computer Networks.

If you want to work in teaching or research, a Master’s degree or PhD may be what you are looking for. You need two years of full-time study to complete a Master’s degree, and approximately 7 years for a PhD. You take a variety of high level courses, including Digital Communication, Microprocessor Design, and Advanced Coding Theory.

The cost of tuition at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology depends on whether or not you are a resident of South Dakota. If you are a resident of South Dakota, full-time tuition costs approximately $5100. If you are not a resident of South Dakota, tuition is about $6500.

Financial aid can make school more affordable and minimize the amount of your student loans. If you are attending a Master’s degree program, you may be able to find on-campus work as a graduate assistant or teaching assistant. The South Dakota Engineering Society is an organization that funds $1000 scholarships for local engineering students. As a South Dakota student, you may also be interested in the scholarships offered by the Sioux Falls Community Foundation.

In order to use your degree and work as a computer engineer in South Dakota, you must apply for your license through the Board of Technical Professions. This process involves taking the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and filling out a thorough application. You can begin working as an engineer once you receive your license.

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