Tennessee Aerospace Engineering Schools

If you want to work with the newest aircraft and spacecraft technology, you may be a perfect fit for the field of aerospace engineering. The University of Tennessee Knoxville is the only school in Tennessee that offers this degree. You can earn either a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in aerospace engineering. The overall average cost of tuition is just over $20,000 per year, although tuition rates vary for residents and non-residents. The average class size in Tennessee is 15 students. This is small enough to allow you to work closely with professors and build valuable connections.

Once you’ve decided to start a career in aerospace engineering, it’s time to get enrolled and start earning credits. You’ll want to earn a Bachelor’s degree, since it’s required for any job you may find in this field. Plan on being a full-time student for at least four years while you earn 120 or more credits.

The aerospace engineering curriculum you follow is designed to provide you with a high-quality education in many different aspects of engineering. By the time you graduate, you’ll feel confident in the technology, science, and development of aircraft and spacecraft vehicles. You can take courses like Orbital Mechanics, Aerospace Flight Mechanics, Engineering Materials, and Incompressible Flow.

While some degrees only require you to attend lecture courses, aerospace engineering requires more hands-on learning. Your professors may require you to spend several hours per week in your school’s engineering lab, learning about different materials and how they work.

Research is just as important as the hands-on skills of aerospace engineering. At the University of Tennessee Knoxville you can work on research in several different areas, including hypersonic aerodynamics, atmospheric entry, and computational fluid dynamics.

As a University of Tennessee Knoxville student, your tuition rate will depend on whether or not you are a resident of Tennessee. The tuition rate for residents is $11,194 per academic year. If you are a non-resident, you can plan on paying an annual tuition rate of $29,684 per year.

Tennessee is home to many local engineering scholarships that can offset the cost of your education. The Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers offers three scholarships of $3,500 each to engineering students every year. The American Council of Engineering Companies of Tennessee gives scholarships of $1,000 every year. They also provide information on scholarships funded by the American Council of Engineering Companies and the Council of Structural Engineers of ACEC.

After graduation, your next step in your aerospace engineering career is getting licensed by the Tennessee Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners. You have to pay a $30 exam and application fee. Once your application is processed and approved, you can sit for your Professional Engineer exam. Passing this exam allows you to apply for licensure.

Don’t stop pursuing your education just because you’ve graduated! New technology is always developing in this field, and you need to keep up with it. Consider joining the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers. If you join this group, you can attend exam review sessions, educational seminars and courses, and members-only networking events.

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