Tennessee Civil Engineering Schools

Civil engineering students can earn a post-secondary degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering in four years, but sometimes they can finish an Associate’s program in two years. Anyone desiring to work toward a graduate or doctorate degree might have to attend courses at least one or two more years or maybe longer.

However, faster training and certification programs are also available to professionals who currently work full time. Enrolled individuals can even pursue some classes online to save time.

If potential students only take the PE exam but not the FE exam, they might need a maximum of 12 years of related experience. Anyone who wants to speed along their career would benefit from taking both the PE and FE tests to practice civil engineering in Tennessee.

Students should apply for their professional civil engineering license as soon as possible. They can take appropriate exams during their senior year.

Demand for civil engineer is expected to increase according to state budget. However, the need to repair old roads, water mains, bridges, levees and other large infrastructures also determines the job demand in this field. On a national level, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a projection of 19 percent national increase in openings from 2010 to 2014 – about as fast as average for most professions.

Architectural and engineering job applicants seeking employment in Tennessee can anticipate a mean annual salary of between $ 31, 780 and $51,650 initially. However, professional with more years of experience probably can earn quite a bit more per year.

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