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Engineering Programs in Texas
Did You Know?
Texas's cheapest Engineering Program is located at El Paso Community College, and costs
$1,966 annually.
More students applied to The University of Texas at Austin's Engineering Program than any other school in Texas, with
35,431 total applicants.
Statewide School Information
Engineering Schools in Texas:
Undergraduate Engineering Programs:
Graduate Engineering Programs:
Schools With On-Campus Housing:
Average Classroom Size:
19 Students
Largest Engineering School:
Lone Star College System
(98,313 Students)

One of the most influential and important states in the country, Texas is the second largest state in the United States. Texas' history is rooted in independence, becoming an independent nation from Mexico before joining the United States. Texas has a diversified economy rooted in agriculture, energy through oil and wind power, technology like biomedical and aerospace, banking, and commerce.

Texas has the second largest state economy next to California. Large cities that fuel this economic activity include Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, and Arlington.

Engineering Education in Texas

Schools will often provide engineering programs based on a correlating profession, such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, or industrial engineering.

Texas has fifty-eight community colleges and technical institutes across the state providing engineering associate's or certificate programs.

At the bachelor's degree level, there are thirty public schools with engineering undergraduate programs. Nine of the thirty public schools are part of the University of Texas system, three of the public schools belong to the University of Houston system, and seven belong to the Texas A&M University system. Other state universities with engineering programs include Texas State University, Texas Southern University, Texas Tech University, and Sam Houston State University.

In addition, there are thirteen private universities in Texas with undergraduate engineering programs, including Rice University, Baylor University, and Southern Methodist University. Twenty-nine schools in Texas have engineering graduate programs, including the University of North Texas, Lamar University, St. Mary's University, and Prairie View A&M University.

Outlook for Engineering Jobs in Texas

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) outlines that there are 215,870 engineers in Texas with average salaries calculating to $82,870.

Differences in employment and salary exist between engineering professions in different industries. For example, the BLS states that there are 18,060 petroleum engineers who earn an average annual salary of $147,070. To contrast, there are 20,540 civil engineers who earn $89,840 a year.

Another highly employed profession are industrial engineers with 13,720 workers in Texas earning $88,010.

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