Texas Automotive Engineering Schools

If you are naturally gifted in science and math, a career in automotive engineering could be in your future. Texas has 12 schools with automotive engineering programs; two schools have Associate’s degree programs and 11 schools have Bachelor’s degree programs. There are 11 schools with Master’s degree programs and nine PhD programs. The average cost of tuition is $7,400 per semester.

To be qualified for entry-level positions in automotive engineering, you must complete a Bachelor’s degree in the field. This degree gives you an in-depth education in engineering principles and vehicle development techniques. Over the course of your four years, you may take classes like Methods for Vehicle Testing, Alternate Fuel Systems, and Automotive Electronics.

Most of your undergraduate courses will include a lab component. You may spend up to 10 hours in your school’s engineering lab every week. This is an essential part of your education—it will offer you the skills you need to start a career.

You may be interested in taking your education further—in that case, you can pursue a Master’s degree or PhD. A Master’s degree, which requires two years, and a PhD, which takes seven years, both include advanced courses. Courses at this level include Battery Systems & Control, Automotive Body Structures, and Vehicle Dynamics.

Before you select your engineering school, it’s important to consider each school’s tuition rates and financial aid opportunities. On the low end of the tuition range, Texas A&M University—Kingsville is $750 per semester for residents and $6,060 per semester for non-residents. University of the Incarnate Word has considerably higher tuition rates; students pay $11,900 per semester.

As soon as you make a school decision, you can begin applying for scholarships and grants. The Texas Society of Professional Engineers is one organization that awards scholarships throughout the state.

All licensing of automotive engineers in Texas goes through the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. You may receive your PE license after passing the NCEES Principles & Practice of Engineering exam.

As a new engineer, you can really benefit from joining the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. You may be able to attend continuing education courses and networking events.

Salaries in Texas range from $54,500 to $140,000 per year, according to O*Net. The average automotive engineering salary is $86,500 per year.

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