Texas Aerospace Engineering Schools

What do your career goals look like? Do they include working on aircraft and spacecraft vehicles? If this sounds like your dream career, you can start by earning a degree in aerospace engineering in Texas. There are six aerospace engineering schools in Texas; all six schools have Bachelor’s-level programs, and five schools have Master’s degree programs. The average cost of tuition in Texas is about $11,200 per semester. However, with so many schools, it’s clear that there’s a range of tuition rates. Texas has an average class size of 21 students, which gives you lots of chances to work with your peers.

Choosing an engineering school in Texas is the first step to getting a great education. All six Texas schools offer a Bachelor’s degree, which is the minimum degree required for licensure as an engineer. You’ll need to complete 120 credits, which will likely take you four to five years

Some of the courses you may take as an undergraduate student include Applied Aerospace Structures, Mechanics of Materials, Aerospace Fundamentals, and Aerospace Design. Together, all of your courses are meant to give you an education in the research, design, and testing of aerospace materials.

The theory of engineering is important, and you’ll spend plenty of time learning about the science and calculations behind the field. However, you can also expect to spend lots of time in your school’s engineering lab. You will be expected to be completely comfortable with all types of aerospace materials by the time you graduate.

Depending on the school you attend, you may be able to pursue research opportunities as well. At the University of Houston, you can receive a scholarship for taking on research tasks under the supervision of a professor.

The tuition you are responsible for every semester varies depending on which school you attend. Kilgore College is the most inexpensive school in the state, with a resident tuition rate of $855 per semester and a non-resident tuition rate of $2,580 per semester. The University of Houston is one of the more expensive schools in the state. Their resident tuition rate is $9,318 per year, and their non-resident tuition rate is $19,848 per year.

One of the benefits of living in a large state like Texas is your access to myriad engineering scholarships. The Texas Society of Professional Engineers awards scholarships to students all over the state. If you fit into a minority group, you can also apply for scholarships through the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering.

After you graduate with a degree in aerospace engineering, you may be wondering what the next step is. You have to get your license from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. You must pay an $80 application fee and a $350 examination fee. After you pass the Professional Engineer exam, you have to pay $200 before you get your engineering license.

In order to promote your professional development, you may want to join the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. They host an annual conference that allows you to learn about changes in the field and network with other engineers in your area. You can also get access to new job listings and attend members-only educational events.

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