Utah Aerospace Engineering Schools

Aerospace engineering is an exciting subfield of engineering. You can often focus on one of two fields: aircraft or spacecraft technology. There is one school in Utah that offers this degree: Utah State University. Utah State University has a Bachelor’s degree program and Master’s degree program in aerospace engineering. The average cost of tuition is $6,200 per semester. Utah has a large average class size of 23 students, which may give you the chance to work with many different people in your courses.

The first step to starting a career in aerospace engineering is earning a Bachelor’s degree. This degree requires you to complete 120 credits in engineering and general education courses. You can plan on spending four years as a full-time student.

There are many learning objectives involved in an aerospace engineering program. By the time you graduate, you’re expected to be able to work in the testing, development, and research aspects of aerospace. There are many required courses, including Aerospace Fundamentals, Mechanics of Materials, Aerospace Design, and Compressible Flow.

While you are going to spend lots of time in your lecture courses, you also have to spend a considerable amount of time getting practical, hands-on experience. Each school has its own engineering lab, where you can work with different materials and figure out how they work.

Research is one of the main cornerstones of aerospace engineering—research engineers are responsible for finding and studying new technological advancements. At Utah State University, you can take part in the Engineering Undergraduate Research Program by working directly on major research projects.

Tuition in Utah tends to be very affordable, especially when you compare average tuition rates with those in other states. At Utah State University, the tuition rate for full-time residents is $3,092.32 per semester. The tuition rate for non-residents is $8,944.14 per semester. Tuition is considerably higher for graduate students, which you should keep in mind if you decide to earn a Master’s degree.

Utah is home to many different engineering scholarships. It’s important to apply for as many scholarships as you can as early as possible, since this can save you lots of money on your tuition. The Utah Engineers Council awards three scholarships per year to undergraduate students. The Advancing Science in America Foundation Utah funds scholarships for engineering students.

After you complete your aerospace engineering degree, the next step is getting your license from the Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing. You have to submit an application and pay a $110 application fee. You can then take the Professional Engineer exam, and if you pass that, you can get your engineering license.

Ongoing education is a core part of this career. You may want to join the Utah Engineers Council, an organization that supports engineers in Utah. You can attend ongoing educational courses or seminars, apply for new job listings, and network with engineers in your county. They also host an annual banquet that celebrates your hard work throughout the year.

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