Utah Chemical Engineering Schools

You can start a career in chemical engineering with a quality education from one of Utah’s three schools. One school offers an Associate’s-level program. All three schools have Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and doctoral degree programs. The average cost of tuition in Utah is $4,400 per semester.

You can get your start in most chemical engineering jobs with a Bachelor’s degree. This four-year degree includes 120 to 130 credits of general education classes and engineering courses. You may have to take classes like Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Simulation & Design, and Biomass Refinery Operations. Courses at the Bachelor’s degree level include a mix of theory and lab experience, building a strong base of experience and knowledge.

While you can start your career with a Bachelor’s degree, you may need a Master’s degree or PhD if you want to work in the research sector. A Master’s degree takes an average of two years, and a PhD can take from three to eight years. Post-graduate courses include Air Pollution Engineering Control, Mass Transfer, and Viscous Flow.

There are many different tuition rates in Utah, so it’s important to assess all of your options before making a school choice. Tuition at Utah State University Eastern is lower than the state average. Residents pay $1,600 per semester and non-residents pay $2,900 per semester. At the University of Utah, residents pay $3,700 per semester and non-residents pay $11,800 per semester.

Scholarship offerings vary between schools, but in general, it’s best to apply for scholarships early and often to get as much money as possible. At the University of Utah, you can apply for the SPE Richard E. Wyman Scholarship.

Once you have gone through the hard work of earning a chemical engineering degree, you can get your Professional Engineer license from the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional License. The Division may require you to pass the NCEES engineering exam before they give you your license.

As a new engineer, consider joining the Utah Engineers Council. Membership in this group allows you to attend award banquets, learn about continuing education opportunities, and more.

Many chemical engineers earn very lucrative salaries. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Utah chemical engineer is $87,200 per year.

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