Connecticut Engineering Degrees

Connecticut is located midway between New York and Boston. Because of Connecticut’s location, there is no shortage of an educated labor pool, which can make finding a job more competitive then other states.

However, Connecticut offers many job opportunities for electrical and electronics engineers. Even though this career field has experienced a slowdown in manufacturing sectors, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth is expected to increase in engineering services firms, of which Connecticut has more than 2,000. In Connecticut, biomedical engineering is currently leading the growth at a 42.1% employment rate increase.

Engineering Programs in Connecticut

Electrical and electronics engineers must have a bachelor’s degree, and there are more than 10 state and public universities in Connecticut that offer BS degrees in electrical and electronics engineering. Additionally, Connecticut has more than 20 schools of engineering and community college programs where you can earn your EE associates degree or an engineering technology certificate. The University of Hartford has the largest electrical engineering school in Connecticut, graduating almost half of all engineering students in the state.

Federal tuition aid and grants are available, and all two and four year institutions in the state of Connecticut offer a variety of aid and grants to college students. Both private and public colleges offer various forms of tuition assistance to supplement federal and state loans. Contact the financial aid department of the school you are interested in attending and get the tuition aid details before deciding to enroll.

The typical tuition costs run about $7,500 per year for degree programs in Connecticut’s schools. Save on tuition costs by attending a community college to earn an associate’s degree, and then transfer to a state or public college to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the engineering field. People with practical engineering work experience can often parlay their work experience into educational credits, which will reduce the total cost of obtaining a degree.

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Outlook for Engineering Jobs in Connecticut

The fields of science, engineering and technology are always growing and expanding, and there will always be a need for engineers. Connecticut has hundreds of job opportunities for engineers in dozens of occupational fields, including utilities, architectural, computer systems, aerospace and electronics. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly 2,000 electrical engineers employed in Connecticut; the annual mean wage for electrical engineers in Connecticut is $84,120.

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